The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Nose Job

No one wants to end up like the reality TV stars on ”Botched” — misfortunately misshapen and desperately seeking the help of corrective cosmetic surgeons. 

Dr. Manolis Manolakakis of Advanced Facial Surgery, with locations in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and Greenwich Village, New York, wants you to know what goes into a successful, natural-looking rhinoplasty, more commonly called a “nose job.” Of course, it’s mainly the surgeon’s job, but you play a role, too. Here are five secrets to getting a natural-looking nose job. 

1. Tell your surgeon everything

Seriously, we mean everything. The more you divulge during your consultation, the better Dr. Manolakakis will understand you, your health, your concerns, and your goals. 

It’s critical that you give Dr. Manolakakis the complete picture. Only then will he be able to perfectly reshape your nose.

2. Choose your changes wisely 

An expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Manolakakis can make all sorts of changes during a rhinoplasty, including: 

Dr. Manolakakis offers guidance when it comes time to develop a treatment plan, but you should choose your rhinoplasty outcomes based on your most prominent concerns. For example, you probably wouldn’t tell Dr. Manolakakis to smooth the bridge of your nose if your nose already has a soft U-shaped curve.

3. Follow pre-op instructions 

Prior to your rhinoplasty, Dr. Manolakakis might ask you to get certain lab tests taken, avoid certain medications, stop smoking, and prep your house with items you’ll need for recovery, like plenty of nutritious foods and a comfortable area to rest. 

4. Follow post-op instructions 

This is where your efforts become really important. Following your procedure, Dr. Manolakakis provides you with a detailed list of instructions and recovery guidelines — it’s critical that you follow them to the letter. 

Dr. Manolakakis shows you how to care for your new nose while it recovers, explains how and when to take your medications, and tells you when you need to come in for a follow-up appointment.

5. Set realistic expectations 

In a way, the success of your nose job comes down to your expectations. Cosmetic surgery is an incredible field capable of amazing things, but nothing is a cure-all. 

Don’t expect your new nose to change your life if you have self-esteem problems that stem from elsewhere. Your new nose can certainly enhance your features and bring balance to your face, but it can’t solve something that’s on the inside. 

That said, Dr. Manolakakis will explain to you what is possible and how he can help create the most natural-looking nose for your face. 

To learn more about nose jobs, visit our rhinoplasty FAQ. If you’re ready to talk to Dr. Manolakakis about achieving a natural-looking nose job, Call the location of your choice or visit us online to request an appointment.


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